Who we are

About Pratheshta

Do you have a dream event in mind? Trust us to make it real!

Pratheshta is brand that focuses on making lifetime moments for you. We aim to stand apart from the crowd, think out of the box and weave magic through our event planning. We meticulously plan each and every detail of the event with client’s preference in mind. Our energetic team work in synergy to execute fantasies for real.

The Pratheshta Way

Every event small or big, Pratheshta involves with utmost dedication and plan every tiny detail to perfection. Our first step towards creating magical events begins with visualizing the event in its entirety. We build the concept and plan the event around it to look thematic and consistent.

Once we have the concept finalized, then comes the planning session where every idea is explored to its roots to make it possible. Then comes the budgeting phase where all our creativity is to practical reality and wisely spread across our clients budget.

With the right concept, plan and budget in hand, we organize the entire event without any loose ends to make it a hassle free and grand affair. At last the event is executed to perfection with the help of our highly skilled professional who tirelessly make the perfect lifetime moment for you!

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create lifetime moment for our clients by working with them closely to understand their preferences and execute the event in magnificence.

Our mission is to create artistic events with elegance and grandeur to spread joy and create a lasting impression on the host and every guest attending the event.

Management Team

Prathesta is spearheaded by an extremely passionate team who aspires to create grandeur that surpasses imagination!

SasiKumar. R (Managing Director/Creative Manager)

His vision to position Prathesta synonyms to larger than life experience has made him an able leader with exemplary innovation and ideas to realize this. With deep interest in art and decoration, he passionately learnt the nuances of the industry to deliver the best. He actively involves with the client to help them express their requirement and executes it extremely well. He is an EEE graduate, who manages the company and works with the creative department of Prathesta.

Raju.P (Director / Consultant)

The one who made it all happen! Raju. P is the founder of the parent company Sri Golden Groups with an astounding 35 years of experience in the field of wedding decoration. His outstanding leadership qualities enable him to efficiently spit teams to execute the event in a hassle free manner. With a sharp knowledge o the industry he works smartly to achieve results in the most cost efficient way. He also has expertise through his other business ventures like adorness, fibre structure works & etc.,

Kavitha. R (Director/Management)

She makes the face of the company with her excellent customer relationship management. She ably communicates, understands requirements and clearly communicates it to our creative team to weave magic! She is also an able administrator who makes sure the smooth running of our company. Right from the conception, she actively involves herself in all the activities to make the event an incredible success.

Parent Company details and our experience in this business

Prathesta is a brainchild of Sri Golden Groups Event Management in Salem. It was started in 1984 and led the event management industry standards by being the best event management company. We provide event management solutions for both personal functions and private parties. We also organize and manage corporate events that leave a lasting impression and project your perfection.