How birthdays are celebrated around the world ?

How birthdays are celebrated around the world ?

India being a mix of cultures and traditions, birthdays are often associated with celebration with friends and family with a visit to worship places to seek blessings of almighty on the special day. This is not the case around the world. Given below are 5 intriguing birthday celebration practices around the world! Analyzed by the Event management companies in Salem, Prathesta Events.


You might want to watch out if you are in Ireland on your birthday. Irish tradition states that the birthday boy is to be lifted by his arms and legs and “bumped” into the air, once for every year old he is. This could get scary if you don’t trust your friends to hold you up.


Instead of everyone having his or her own birthday, every person in Vietnam is considered a year older on Tết, the Vietnamese New Year, which usually falls in January or February.


On birthdays in China, instead of eating cake or another type of sweet, the Chinese opt for long life noodles, which are supposed to promote a long, vibrant life. Just how long depends on how much noodle they can slurp into their mouths without biting. The more noodle the person gets, the longer life they will have.


Who needs cake when you could eat fairy bread? In Australia, celebrators eat bread that’s slathered in butter and doused with sprinkles in lieu of cake. It’s not certain where this tradition started from, but it is a favorite among children and adults.


In Jamaica, people throw flour in the face of the birthday boy or girl, supposedly for good luck.

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