What We Mean By "Event Management"

What We Mean By "Event Management"

Event management is a team effort of planning, organizing, and executing both personal and professional events. This includes weddings, corporate meetings at MNCs, fundraising events, sports events, fashion shows, and much more. Our team comprises of creative and innovative professionals as the industry thrives on making unique and laudable events.

The Benefits of Hiring Prathesta

Seamless Execution

Whatever may be the circumstances we make sure that you get the best on your big day. Even when there are glitches our expert professionals always find an alternative to make your special day most memorable moments of your lives.

Cost and time efficient

Paying for an event management company is not at all overrated. After all they aim to make your big day smooth and seamless. Being an expert in the industry we have many connections with all the technicians and vendors. This mean we get your services done at the most cost effective rates. Moreover it will not be necessary for you to strain yourself to meet every vendor and get a quote. So save your money and time and just focus on enjoying the occasion.

Innovative concepts

We clearly understand your needs and bring the best out of your ideas. We build an innovative theme and execute the décor and occasion through our stunning décor and exemplary service. Hiring a professional event management will be the best decision you made to make your event successful.

Best Technology

We have the best in industry sound systems, lightings and décor items that make a stunning event. The stage design will be the talk of the event with our stunningly striking decorations. This is also one of the most important for you to hire an expert professional like Prateshta with over a decade of experience.


  • 23-Mar-2019 9:24pm

  • 1-Apr-2019 8:14pm

  • 5-Apr-2019 5:57am

  • 12-Apr-2019 6:32pm

  • 28-Apr-2019 5:05am

  • 1-May-2019 6:45am

  • 8-May-2019 7:54am

  • 10-May-2019 10:07pm

  • 18-May-2019 2:33pm

  • 20-May-2019 8:29pm

  • 28-May-2019 7:22am

  • 30-May-2019 10:08am

  • 7-Jun-2019 4:38pm

  • 17-Jun-2019 12:14pm

  • 20-Jun-2019 12:23pm

  • 29-Jun-2019 10:17pm

  • 3-Jul-2019 1:28pm

  • 12-Jul-2019 6:16pm

  • 21-Jul-2019 9:59pm

  • 21-Jul-2019 10:00pm

  • 28-Jul-2019 4:02pm

  • 2-Aug-2019 5:23am

  • 6-Aug-2019 4:56pm

  • 7-Aug-2019 7:17pm

  • 13-Aug-2019 7:09am

  • 15-Aug-2019 4:55am

  • 22-Aug-2019 4:45am

  • 24-Aug-2019 1:23pm

  • 30-Aug-2019 10:22pm

  • 2-Sep-2019 4:57am

  • 9-Sep-2019 3:03am

  • 16-Sep-2019 8:05pm

  • 19-Sep-2019 1:41am

  • 26-Sep-2019 5:40am

  • 28-Sep-2019 12:46pm

  • 5-Oct-2019 2:09pm

  • 7-Oct-2019 7:33pm

  • 14-Oct-2019 8:04pm

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