Set aside from the things you aspire, Prathesta aims at fulfilling things that you desire on your special day! Prathesta is brand that focuses on making lifetime moments for you. We aim to stand apart from the crowd, think out of the box and weave magic through our event planning. We meticulously plan each and every detail of the event with client’s preference in mind.
Our energetic team work in synergy to execute fantasies for real.

Our mantra for magic

Every event small or big, Prathesta involves with utmost dedication and plans every tiny detail to perfection.

- Our first step towards creating magical events begins with visualising the event in its entirety.

- The budgeting phase is where all our creativity is made into practical reality and wisely spread across our client’s budget.

- Then we organise the entire event without any loose ends to make it a hassle free and grand affair.

- And then the event is executed to perfection with the help of our highly skilled professional who tirelessly makes the perfect lifetime moment for you!

Our Creative Thinkers

SasiKumar. R (Managing Director / Creative Manager)

With deep interest in art and decoration, he passionately learnt the nuances of the industry to deliver the best. He actively involves with the client to help them express their requirement and executes it extremely well.

Raju.P (Director / Consultant)

The one who made it all happen! Raju. P is the founder of the parent company Sri Golden Groups with an astounding 35 years of experience in the field of wedding decoration. With a sharp knowledge of the industry he works smartly to achieve results in the most cost efficient way.

Kavitha. R (Director / Management)

She makes the face of the company with her excellent customer relationship management. She ably communicates, understands requirements and clearly communicates it to our creative team to weave magic!


  • 25-Feb-2019 2:50am

  • 14-Mar-2019 8:43am

  • 17-Mar-2019 3:20am

  • 29-Mar-2019 10:16pm

  • 5-Apr-2019 8:00pm

  • 1-May-2019 12:29pm

  • 5-May-2019 1:00pm

  • 11-May-2019 5:45am

  • 15-May-2019 10:47am

  • 21-May-2019 3:22am

  • 25-May-2019 10:55am

  • 30-May-2019 4:00pm

  • 7-Jun-2019 8:14pm

  • 13-Jun-2019 1:38pm

  • 20-Jun-2019 8:56pm

  • 25-Jun-2019 10:46pm

  • 3-Jul-2019 10:31pm

  • 17-Jul-2019 1:14pm

  • 20-Jul-2019 3:17am

  • 21-Jul-2019 9:59pm

  • 21-Jul-2019 10:01pm

  • 25-Jul-2019 9:36am

  • 27-Jul-2019 8:41am

  • 29-Jul-2019 11:11pm

  • 1-Aug-2019 2:20am

  • 3-Aug-2019 10:02am

  • 5-Aug-2019 9:09am

  • 8-Aug-2019 1:40am

  • 11-Aug-2019 12:52pm

  • 15-Aug-2019 11:26am

  • 19-Aug-2019 4:12pm

  • 24-Aug-2019 10:03pm

  • 29-Aug-2019 3:45am

  • 2-Sep-2019 1:42pm

  • 6-Sep-2019 12:08pm

  • 11-Sep-2019 12:33am

  • 13-Sep-2019 11:26pm

  • 19-Sep-2019 9:03am

  • 23-Sep-2019 3:06pm

  • 28-Sep-2019 6:19pm

  • 2-Oct-2019 8:37pm

  • 8-Oct-2019 1:16am

  • 17-Oct-2019 7:34am

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