How birthdays are celebrated around the world ?

India being a mix of cultures and traditions, birthdays are often associated with celebration with friends and family with a visit to worship places to seek blessings of almighty on the special day. This is not the case around the world. Given below are 5 intriguing birthday celebration practices around the world! Analyzed by the Event management companies in Salem, Prathesta Events.


You might want to watch out if you are in Irelan

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Top 4 Grandest Weddings in India - Prathesta Events

Weddings by itself are a grand affair with extravaganza. But when it is hosted by the ultra-creamy layer of the country, it certainly is a spectacle to watch out for. Thus we bring top 4 Indian weddings that made everyone look in awe in terms of the grandeur and pomp.

Shushanto Roy and Seemanto Roy – Sahara Groups

The sons of Subrata Roy got married in Lukhnow at Sahara Auditorium in 2004. Shushanto Roy married Richa and Seemanto Roy got

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Why choose an event manager?

Below we put forward some reasons why an event manager is probably a good option for your next event. All events big and small take time and require a lot of preparation in order to run smoothly and without hiccup. Let us give out reasons why we think an event manager is for you.

Time constraints hinder event preparation

So much of our client base come in from people who completely lack the time to organise an event or party. They know what

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Diverse wedding cultures in India - Prathesta Events

Marriages in India are a grand affair and they are held in a unique manner in the different regions and states. Be it north, south, east or west all the weddings in India are celebrated with great gusto and fervor. If you haven’t got a chance to be a guest in any of these weddings, then do check this out and sketch out which kind of wedding do you want.

Bengali Wedding

Known for its gusto and pompous celebration, Bengali weddings are inco

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What We Mean By "Event Management"

Event management is a team effort of planning, organizing, and executing both personal and professional events. This includes weddings, corporate meetings at MNCs, fundraising events, sports events, fashion shows, and much more. Our team comprises of creative and innovative professionals as the industry thrives on making unique and laudable events.

The Benefits of Hiring Prathesta

Seamless Execution

Whatever may be the circumstances we

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Tips for brides

It is not entirely possible for you to organize everything single-handedly for your big day. Make sure you hire a professional who can take care of your important commitments to make your big day a memorable lifetime moment for you. Apart from the event itself there are other things you can take care to make your day special and exciting

#1 Make a check list

You are going to get really busy in the last few days left for the wedding. With at

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Set aside from the things you aspire, Prathesta aims at fulfilling things that you desire on your special day! Prathesta is brand that focuses on making lifetime moments for you. We aim to stand apart from the crowd, think out of the box and weave magic through our event planning. We meticulously plan each and every detail of the event with client’s preference in mind.
Our energetic team work in synergy to execute fantasies for real.


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